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A Modern Take on 90's Rock

Daisy's Gone first met in the summer of 2011 at the Joshua Tree in Somerville, MA. In the beginning, John, and Greg were playing with former DG guitarist, Nino Sylvia. After a year or so of playing covers, Daisy started working on originals. Soon after, Nino left Boston for the extreme heat, and bugs of Austin, TX. Greg, and John dropped the covers, and started focusing on originals.

After auditioning vocalists over a several month period, Evan emerged as the clear choice to take Daisy's sound to the next level. Greg, and John both knew that Evan was the guy for the job when he first improvised Systematically over what was then an untitled track, with no lyrics. Daisy is currently in the home studio, working on an eight song EP, due out by September. In the meantime, checkout the sample track of Systematically below.


A sample of some of our original tunes


We're an originals band in Boston, influenced by the great rock music of the 70's, and 90's.

John Zablocki


John plays guitar, and bass for Daisy. He brings a wide range of influences - from Alice in Chains to Zeppelin to the band.

Evan Boyle


As Daisy's vocalist, Evan brings a powerful combo of soul, and grunge rock abilities to the mic.

Greg Cocca


Greg plays drums for Daisy, utilizing handcrafted drum sticks known as "Bricks." He's also been known to use glowsticks.


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